God is Talking to Me

April 1, 2004 stories

This story idea came to me a long time before I did it. I was downtown walking around and almost stepped in front of a bus. It was pretty near miss, probably one of my top ten “near death” experiences. I thought, “Why doesn’t God just talk to us, and say, ‘hey, doofus, watch where you’re going!'”

I made a note of the idea, but didn’t have much to go with. I wanted to make it fun, like I was the idiot, not God (of course…), but I didn’t know how to do something like that.

Then, I found a way to bring more energy, via editing, when I produced Stress Test. When I eventually had an inspiration about finding my father – an issue I never had but my father did have, and who searched for his father for years – I wrote and produced it in eight hours. I often do that; it just all comes together quickly and voila!

This has been one of my most-liked stories. I think a lot of people can relate to various parts, if not the actual talking to God aspect. It’s also fairly light at first and takes a touching turn.

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