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May 1, 2004 stories

Here’s my creepiest story. This is sometimes played by random public radio stations around Halloween. Years ago, it was featured on Love & Radio as well.

I often work late and get up early, and make up for it with a nap or two during the day. It was during one of these naps where I had a nightmare. I remember it involving a tall, rickety tower that went 100 stories deep under my house and how it was haunted. In the dream, I filled it with hundreds or thousands of tons of cement.

Inter Ruption

When I woke up, I immediately thought I should write it down and make a story from it. But, as you know, as soon as you start trying to remember a dream, it stops making sense, and starts to fade. I lost most of the dream, but this is what I ended up with, after a couple of re-writes. It’s pretty creepy and fun and I wish I could write this kind of thing on command, because I would probably do a lot of it. One of my favorite binges is Black Mirror, and when I look back, I feel like this has that vibe, though I wish it were half as good as the worst Black Mirror episode.

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