I am a maker. I make websites as a full-stack developer; I make podcasts/audio short stories; I make photographic scenes of miniatures.

I am the creator of the tech-fantasy and fiction-crime podcasts series Dist1nc7ive Stories, and produce other creative audio short stories.

I’m a freelance full stack web geek, and I blog about that stuff, including my favorite toys of late: automation with Playwright and Puppeteer.


LAMP/PHP experience includes WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and custom PHP projects. Have an old legacy PHP site that needs to be carefully updated? I have experience working with older codebases, updating both the code, and the systems they run on, carefully, while maintaining the important system.

Beyond the Full Stack

In my work, I go beyond the stack, beyond the servers, the database, the PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. I go beyond, so can help you with on-page & technical SEO, keyword research and advise on off-page and local SEO. I go beyond, so I can automate whatever frequent manual tasks you find annoying and dread doing.

Other #FullStack Work That I Do


As part of my “beyond the stack” service, I do excellent SEO audits and research for you, as well. If yours is a public-facing, non-paywalled web site, it needs SEO, and everything I do aims to make your SEO the best.

Good technical SEO so the spiders and crawlers will find it quick and rate it high, good on-page SEO targeting the keywords important to you, good landing pages with long-tail keywords aimed at those more obscure keywords that can really drive the traffic.


Through automation, we can learn so much about our websites, and we can accomplish so many manual tasks in a short amount of time. Using Screaming Frog, scrapy, goutte and Microsoft Playwright, I can script nearly any task you need.

Distinctive Stories Podcast

I’m the creator of the tech-fantasy and fiction-crime podcasts series Distinctive Stories.

Rufus & Anna are villains in "Computronium"

I Write

I write about the full-stack work I do, about writing and producing my podcast, other fiction podcasts, the music that influences my podcast style, and more


I’m obsessed with disc golf  (PDGA #37439).  I post a toy-photography web comic about disc golf on Instagram, Twitter and my (other) web site.