January 25, 2020

Valentine’s Day Diary

I like this energetic audio-diary format, somewhat of a Mockumentary. I’ve done previous versions for Mother’s Day and the 4th of July, and a non-holiday version for a doctor’s appointment (way...


December 1, 2017

Hacked Feed - Have You Ever Been Robbed?

This is the second of two “Hacked Feed” podcasts. I did interviews with hackers who attended the Dallas Hackers Association monthly meetup. In this recording, I asked, “have you ever been...


November 1, 2017

Hacked Feed - Have You Ever Been Hacked?

This is the first of two (so far) “Hacked Feed” recordings. I asked hackers who visited the Dallas Hacker’s Association meetup if they had ever been hacked, and how it felt if they had. I love...


May 15, 2007

NPR Shortlist - Star Wars Uncredited Characters

In 2007, Transom put out a call for Shortlists for a new NPR show called Weekend America (which has since been discontinued). This was the first one played, which I thought was pretty cool. See...


January 2, 2007

Andy and Dirk

I wrote “Andy & Dirk” for a Third Coast Festival contest years ago, but it had to be under three minutes long so I never submitted it. It had to start with “To begin with, they never got...


July 4, 2004

4th of July Fireworks

By the time I came up with 4th of July Fireworks, I had done a couple of audio diaries and thought I’d give this a shot. It was really fun, because a) It’s the 4th of July and b) it involved...


May 7, 2004

Mother’s Day Diary

When Mother’s Day rolled around in 2004, I thought ‘hey, I should write one of those diaries for it.’ This is the result. It’s not a reflection of my relationship with my then-wife, but I...


May 1, 2004

The Book

The Book cover image

Here’s my creepiest story. This is sometimes played by random public radio stations around Halloween. Years ago, it was featured on Love & Radio as well. I often work late and get up early,...


May 1, 2004

Truck Stop

I got this idea from a similar story in Reader’s Digest. I loved reading all the anecdotes and jokes and the little filler items they had at the end of a story that ran a bit short. One of the...


April 1, 2004

God is Talking to Me

This story idea came to me a long time before I did it. I was downtown walking around and almost stepped in front of a bus. It was pretty near miss, probably one of my top ten “near death”...