What is Computronium?

December 13, 2020 stories tech

I was reading around, and stumbled upon this Wikipedia article.

Alt text

I was like… whoa, that sounds good. But… it’s pretty vague. “…a substrate for…(uh, what?) a hypothetical material…(‘scuse me?)…” Okay, but surely the two theorists pages will be more helpful, go into deep detail about what they think Computronium is, what it could be and…

Nope … in the Wikipedia article for Norman (here; his MIT page here) and Tommaso (here; LinkedIn page here) there is no mention of “Computronium”.

More misses than hits

More misses than hits

Bupkis. Nada. Zilch Bupkis. Nada. Zilch.

Okay, so, no go. Still, I’m curious to learn more. Second option: GOOGLE! Wikipedia usually has my back for good information, but google can usually find it, if not. Okay google, honey, baby, I love it when you shake that thing. Show me whatcha got!

Dammit Dammit. Google refers to Wikipedia!

Okay, not great, but I’m still standing. Let’s try Youtube!!

For some reason, these people copied that Wikipedia article straight into a Youtube Video. It’s an infinite Wiki-Google-Youtube Loop!

I even asked cyber/hacker/geek friends if they’d heard of it.

Alt text Nope.

Alt text Nuh, uh.

No one knows anything. This is DEFINITELY a government coverup!

Okay, so I was being dramatic. There *is *information to be found, if you go to the second or third link, etc. The fact is, though, no one is really sure what Computronium is (or, what they do), what it does, or if it will happen. It’s certainly not yet real. But, like werewolves and vampires, theoretical antagonists are fun for a story, so I wrote one.

If you like Synthwave, hit play on “Computronium” from Datasuck on Soundcloud.

And, I wasn’t the first one. It goes way back. More recently, Kurzweil’s talked about it, it’s part of the fandom, People have tweeted about it (might be mostly me by this point). There are people pushing the theory to new levels.