Seafood Joint

September 1, 2003 stories

I went out to eat with some friends and there was a lot of overt racism. I thought about it for a couple of weeks because I was really frustrated by the assholes in that restaurant (a well-known American seafood chain). I guess I had feelings of vengeance to work through.

Growing up in Montana, I hadn’t been around many black families but I was raised well, and wasn’t basing feelings on the color of people’s skin. The family was my oldest son’s best friend’s family, and we went out to eat because they were moving.

In general, I’m happy with this piece, but one reviewer complained about the music. It’s not perfect. I also regret a line in the story where I say I understand how racism feels. There isn’t any way I could understand the crap people have to go through because of other’s racism.

This is a “gray area” story. Was I in the right for what I did? Did I have the right to do it? Some say yes, many people have responded with an emphatic “NO!” If that were a real moment, I still don’t know what I would do.

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