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Show Me – Mint Royale

February 11, 2021 stories

I first heard "Show Me" in a video at a church I was attending … It was probably 2008 or so. The church creative guy cut a really cool video and it opened with "Here comes my boys…" and I was like, "What is that song??" Loved it from the first measure.

I listened to it for a few years whenever it popped up on my iPod or iPhone. Then, somewhere in 2017, I made it a "Radio Station" in whatever app I was in, either Google Music or Amazon Music, and that Radio Station was the best ever! From it, I heard tons of new and old songs and added them to a "Inspiration" playlist. I listened to "Inspiration" all the time, to the exclusion of so much other music, that I eventually just deleted it. It was a crack habit I had to break so I could listen to more music.

One of the best songs from that radio station was "Rock the Whole Planet" by Fingathing (which I read as "Fin Gathing" for a long time, lol). Listen to this. It's fantastic! I love all the turntable work, but the riff is just badass throughout. It's like three riffs layers over the top, and individually they are fantastic. Together they are BAD-ASS!

There were SO MANY others. Many I don't remember now. But, if I do, I'll come back and update this post.