Nothing is Safe – clipping. cover image

Nothing is Safe – clipping.

January 18, 2021 stories

I’m always inspired, when I listen to Nothing is Safe. I always open up Logic Pro and try to make something when I’ve just heard it.

Why am I only a little bit annoyed by the … what, hammer striking an anvil? … in this? I mean, I should be like, “ahhh, turn that off!” right? But, I don’t think that. Did they just say, “How long can we let that go? Will it bother people?” I’ll say this, every time I listen, I can’t help tapping my foot. It’s weird. And, even when Daveed Diggs picks up the pace, it just continues on droning, same pace, no wavering. It’s not until 01:41 that it breaks, along with all the other instruments, and it’s quickly back.

Influential Parts

  • 00:57 That rhythm.
  • 01:15! Daveed, man. No one else is quite like him.
Bullets are for anybody caught runnin’ up in the spot, the pop, the pop
Drop the lights, so drop low, something shot from the trees

Daveed’s flow is amazing, and if you are a Hamilton fan, you know Daveed well. He cut up in Guns and Ships, for sure.

It’s not just the rapping, not just the experimental music. That writing. I’m jealous of people so talented. Happy for them, and jealous. Happy they showed me it can be done, happy they showed me you don’t have to listen to the Rule Makers, and jealous.

The song is unusual like a 2nd person story. But again, I like that “story” part. Toward the beginning, in 54 words, they’ve painted a solid picture of the scene, and set up the action that comes next.

Only homies around, everyone here is crew
Somethin’ foul in the air, somethin’ feelin’ askew
Wind is in the pipes, is that whistle callin’ for you?
Don’t holler, it’s cool
Windows boarded and sealed, doors are bolted and locked
Product cookin’ on pace, weaponry fully stocked
Bodies sleepin’ in shifts, other bodies keep watch

Just once, I'd like to be able to do something this unusual, interesting and cool.