September 1, 2003

Seafood Joint

I went out to eat with some friends and there was a lot of overt racism. I thought about it for a couple of weeks because I was really frustrated by the assholes in that restaurant (a well-known...


August 1, 2003

Stress Test

This is one of the pieces where I feel like I really found my sound. I had made a few pieces in the regular way, telling a story, adding a little music. In this one, I had this really weird...


July 1, 2003


Going through other people’s trash. This is one of my Mom’s favorite pieces that I’ve done. It was originally part of a Mockumentary CD I put out in the early part of the millennium. It’s...


April 1, 2003


I was looking for one of the scariest/stressful things I could think of for a young man, and being naked and 3-5 minutes from my clothes would have done it for me. Several people have mentioned the...


January 14, 2000

Switched Bags

This is one of the first stories I produced. I basically just did some weird abstract stuff. The reference to Pat Buchanan is a reference to the 2000 Presidential Primaries, so this was probably...


October 1, 1999

Dog Pile

This is one of the first irreverent stories I created. From 1995 to 2005 I had a web site called (I sold it in 2005) where I did all kinds of stupid stuff. I had mp3s you could listen...