The Truth, Gods and Mortals

-xXx- Running Commentary

Today’s Running Commentary Review is for Gods and Mortals from The Truth Podcast. (Click to open in a new window if you want to listen and read along).

00:00 We’re at a party. Boom, we are in the scene, thanks to the amazing-as-always sound effects. Jonathan gets the levels so perfect. Just a little, feathery-soft hint that says, “you are at a party.” Makes me feel like I sound design using a sledge hammer and railroad spikes.

00:23 The writing reinforces the writing. Mere mortals? Devine? Okay, these are gods then (the title helps decipher this, too…). And, okay, it’s not a party but a bar because he’s going to hit on the barmaid. Bar… Party… pretty much the same thing.

01:00 This is the “Friends” of gods.  They are buddies. Oh! They aren’t gods at all. Well, okay, but having a bunch of real, you know, GODS, and they are on earth, in a bar, and they act like Ross, Rachel and the gang, well, that has some legs. Hey, Hollywood! I just gave you the next good idea! And I only want 1%!

04:30 Bad poetry alert!

05:00 LOL! “No”. 

06:30 Oh, get the game now, I think. Dungeon Master? Oh, the game has powers.  Hmm. Okay, I know what I’m doing if I found this game (look out, world!). But, what will these game players do with it???

08:00 How incompetent is this guy?

08:50 “Test this further” — YES!! Let’s do this.

09:30 Okay, this got heavy quick. 

11:00 Okay, that turned out.

12:30 “Let’s go bigger.” Famous last words. I can see already that this is going to escalate.

13:30 Ten or higher? Okay, so that’s a setup.  What happens when they go lower than ten?

14:00 Uh, oh.

15:15 So, they have rules they have to abide by. And, uh, yeah, the odds of hitting the Infernal Class roll are redonk. 

16:45 Oh, I wish we’d have known about that before… 

17:15 Well played Jonathan. Cliff-hanger. But, let’s make this ad – like, the 4th or 5th already – at the seventeen minutes mark. 

20:40 Freaking me out, too, buddy.

21:35 Okay, by this point I would have played the game non-stop, done a lot of selfish things, and tried to help a lot of people who needed help. So, in this context, if this were me in this show, the world would be just about to end.

25:30 So, let that be a lesson to you!  I’m trying not to give anything away here. Sounds like, toil and maybe it didn’t have the twist that some do, but a solid episode of The Truth. Probably my favorite podcast, consistently delivering some Black Mirror-like moments.