Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy: Fit the First

-xXx- Running Commentary

Today’s Running Commentary Review is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A Classic! (Click the link to open in a new window and listen and read along).

00:00 Okay, get out your popcorn. Lets stare at the radio for 28 minutes while our ears paint pictures in our imagination.  I’ve heard this a few times. Solid classic. 

00:45 British narrators sound just more trustworthy. Why is that? And, why, when Brits sing, they don’t have an accent? 

01:00 53 Ways? Hmm.

01:50 Don’t Panic!

02:00 Introductions to Arthur Dent. He’s a protestor!  A few years late to the 60s, but still in the era. Bypasses must be built!

05:25 Good sound design of an approaching man. Love this type of thing.

06:10 Solid arguing skills, Arthur Dent.

08:45 Who couldn’t use a couple of pints of muscle-relaxants right now?

09:00 Solid use of backstory. Oh, and you can’t handle Thursdays? Just one day before Friday? It’s the Mondays and Wednesdays you have to look out for. Shay-dee.

13:00 See how the actor playing Dent is like, 20 feet from the mic as he’s shouting. Nowadays, everyone is about swallowing the mic. I do this, too. I listen back and think, “why am I such a stupid fool?”  Because it just sounds so much better.  Go ahead and add a shitload of EQ and reverb. Still can tell it wasn’t mic’d correctly. And my hearing is not optimized.

19:45 OMG! I’ve been buzzed! I didn’t know what they called it.

20:45 The Babel Fish.

21:00 Crazy sound design. This type of thing is trivial nowadays but some sound engineer probably spent a day getting the phasey reverb. Or, maybe he ran it through a guitar effects pedal.

22:00 They pronounce Babel wrong. Brits, whaddya gunna do?

28:15 Will they survive!? I hope so, or else this is gonna be a short trip.

28:45 Epic music under the credits. Big budget audio. Always good. See you next time, on Running Commentary.