How is Keyword Research for SEO Performed?

-xXx- My SEO Journey

I’m not a professional marketer, but if you make anything these days, marketing isn’t tangential. It’s integral. Social media is great, but getting the followers and likes and having something to say regularly can be a lot to keep up with. What else can you do? Good ole SEO. Don’t overlook it.

In my work, I’ve kind of ended up doing a lot of CMS-back-end work. I’ve created my own CMSes (first one in 1999) and I’ve worked with tools like WordPress. Rarely, though, have I had something I wanted to market myself.

Now, I do. It’s a fiction podcast. So, I’m going to do some work to figure out how to improve my SEO and clicks. It’s going to be a journey, and I’m just getting started.

I want to be higher up in SEO. I want people to find my site for, I decided, these phrases:

  1. distinctive stories
  2. distinctive stories podcast
  3. best fiction podcasts
  4. best scripted podcasts

These are known at my target keywords. In reality, they are really “long tail” keywords because most people’s target would be “best podcasts”. These are slightly more specific, and fall on the tail of a search-word frequency graph.

To research some long tail keywords, start typing a search. Google’s auto-suggest will give you some options.

One way to research keywords, and long-tail keywords, is by using Google itself. Their auto-suggest feature can help you find things other people search for, and terms that Google often finds grouped on a page.

For the keywords I linked above in this post, I haven’t started trying to improve the SEO yet, but I am going to.

What process will get me there?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Create valuable posts with these keywords in the