I was looking for one of the scariest/stressful things I could think of for a young man, and being naked and 3-5 minutes from my clothes would have done it for me. Several people have mentioned the tangents in this one, where I go off and talk about something seemingly unrelated at just a tense moment. My favorite part is where I introduce Jake & Camille. Most first-time listeners are like “WTF? They’re naked?” It seems weird and creepy but once explained… yeah, it’s still pretty weird.

This is one of my Dad’s favorite pieces I’ve done. This is based on a reservoir he and I used to windsurf on in high school, Cooney Dam in Montana. There were whole sections you couldn’t get to in late summer because the winter runoff was over and it was just hot out.

In the summer, I used to mountain bike down Snowbowl and if you went under the lifts, you could find all kinds of stuff people accidentally dropped while riding up. It was mostly lip balm and sunglasses, but I had heard stories of watches, wallets, prescription glasses, etc.

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